Our Farms and Partners

Our Farms & Partners

Hand-picked with care, our wholesale produce farms and specialty vendors are unmatched when it comes to providing top-quality and well-sourced foods. From premium dairy products, the freshest condiments, sprouts, mushrooms, and blueberries, we’re always on the hunt for good food from good people to add to our offerings.

babe farms riviera


Babé Farms is a family-owned farm that grows, packs, and ships a diverse range of baby and specialty vegetables in California's Santa Maria Valley. With a focus on food safety and sustainability, the farm's owners cultivate their 1400 acres year-round in the ideal Mediterranean climate. Babé Farms is renowned for its high-quality, gourmet vegetables and is the go-to label for top chefs and fine retailers. .... Read More
Lancaster Farm Fresh


Lancaster Farm Fresh is proud to offer the freshest produce, meat, herbs, dairy, and bread products across the Mid-Atlantic. Its mission is to promote positive social change by working with non-profit organizations and farmers who care about growing the best possible organic foods. The company also believes in organic and chemical-free farming practices, climate-friendly methods, and maintaining biodiverse ecosystems for our current generation and beyond. .... Read More
The Perfect Purée Farm


The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley was created in 1988 by entrepreneur and cooking enthusiast Tracy Hayward, who sought to prepare high-quality fruit purees, blends, and concentrates in a wide variety of familiar and exotic flavors. The company’s success has also been attributed to consistent eco-friendly practices, such as supporting sustainable farming methods and reducing paper consumption. With 40+ fruity flavors and unique customizations in the works, it’s no wonder why The Perfect Purée has pioneered itself as a leader for restaurants, chefs, and home cooks around the world. .... Read More
Church Brothers Farms


Church Brothers Farms has been providing top-quality produce at low prices for over 100 years. Based in Salinas Valley, the company aims to feed the people of North America with nutritious and wholesome convenience products, specialty lettuce, field-harvest vegetables, and more. One of its most important core values is sustainability for our planet , specifically with regards to crop protection & IPM, emissions management, waste reduction, and biodiversity. .... Read More
Norwich Meadows Farm supply


For over 20 years, Zaid and his wife Haifa have been committed to growing nourishing food on their certified organic 200-acre farm in Norwich, Chenango County, New York. Their fruits and vegetables are ethically grown using only natural fertilizers and free of any harsh chemicals. Norwich Meadows Farms’ incredible assortment of produce, as well as flowers, eggs, and poultry, are all available via delivery to wholesalers, restaurants, and private chefs across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens." sustainability program. .... Read More
hepworth farms


Hepworth Farms is an ultra innovative and diverse 550-acre family-run organic farm in Milton, NY. Operated by Amy Hepworth, Gail Hepworth, and Gerry Greco, the farm currently grows over 400 varieties of vegetables, including tomatoes, cucumbers, greens, eggplants, peppers, and summer squash. They are New York State Grown and Certified, GAP Certified , Certified Organic, and earned the "Best" rating in the Whole Foods "Responsibly Grown" sustainability program. .... Read More
Satur Farms

Cutchogue, NY

On over 160 acres of fertile soil, Satur Farms is owned by Chef Eberhard Müller and his wife, Paulette. Located on Long Island, the farm grows specialty salads, leafy vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, root vegetables, and herbs. They're committed to sustainable farming, not only with respect to the fields and safe production of their vegetables but also in ensuring continuing and livable wages for their employees. When possible, they strive to use only organically approved sprays and 100% recyclable packaging materials with a concern for the environment. .... Read More
Pavero Apple Farms


Pavero Apples was founded in 1941 in the great Hudson Valley of New York State. The business has continued to be family-owned and operated for over 75 years, having achieved success as one of the leading growers, Safe Quality Food (SQF) packers, and distributors of apples in the entire Northeast. All apples are hand-picked and grown on all-natural soil packed with the best nutrients to ensure their end product's highest nutrition and best taste. .... Read More
hudson river fruit min


Hudson River Fruit Distributors is a 4th generation family-owned and operated company established on July 12, 1963, by Isadore “Izzy” Albinder and his son Harold Albinder. By 1972, with the purchase of their eighth orchard, they owned and operated over 1000 acres of cultivated land. Danny Albinder (Izzy’s grandson and Harold’s son) joined the business full-time in 1980 and learned the trade from the ground up. In the early 1990s, Lia Diamond (Harold’s daughter) moved to one of the family farms in Bennington, VT. She currently owns and runs the Apple Barn (http://theapplebarn.com/). .... Read More
eckerton hill farm


Eckerton Hill Farm has its origins in Brooklyn, where owner Tim Stark started his first tomato seedlings nineteen years ago. Today, the farm sits on 58 hillside acres overlooking the fertile Oley Valley of Berks County, Pennsylvania. They grow over 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables and are best known for more than 100 varieties of juicy heirloom tomatoes and fiery peppers of every shape and hue. New Yorkers might have a hard time getting hold of some of these famous tomatoes, so make sure to call ahead and order to get the best pick of heirloom tomatoes alongside many renowned New York chefs like Jean-George and Daniel Boulud. .... Read More
mountain sweet berry farm


Rick Bishop runs Mountain Sweet Berry Farm in the Catskill Mountains and grows delicious fruit, vegetables, and various tasty potatoes. Mountain Sweet Berry Farm has been a fixture at the NYC Union Square Greenmarket since the mid-1980s. Rick’s commitment to fostering the healthiest, richest soil possible and to finding the highest quality seeds is the chief reason why his loyal customers include many of New York City’s finest chefs. .... Read More

Vineland, NJ

Barsuglia Farms is a 300-acre vegetable farm founded in 1949 by Walter Barsuglia. Located in the heart of Vineland, the family-owned business started with a few steady crops of green beans, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes. Gradually, they began growing many other produce varieties (like cabbage, lettuce, leek, tomatoes, pepper, squash), incorporated greenhouse production, and embraced a wide array of innovative farming techniques. Driven by the highest quality and sanitation standards, Walter’s passionate grandson currently runs day-to-day farming operations and continues to seize state-of-the-art farming technologies. .... Read More

Milmay, NJ

Robert and Clara Hensel arrived in Milmay, N.J., having left the German city of Dresden in 1903. By 1908, they purchased a few acres of land and started their own truck farm. Now a fifth-generation farm with over a century’s worth of experience purveying quality produce, Hensel Farms specializes in crops like lettuce, cabbage, cucumbers, parsley, eggplant, spinach, peppers, and tomatoes. The business now spreads across 250 acres of nourishing soil and continues to supply fresh, high-quality greens and vegetables to N.J. and nearby areas. .... Read More
RJ Farms 1

Vineland, NJ

RJ Ferrari Farms is a wholesaler purveyor of quality greens and vegetables from Vineland, NJ. They grow various great crops including, but not limited to, arugula, beans, cabbage, dandelion, eggplant, endive, escarole, kohlrabi, lettuce, peppers, pumpkins, spinach, and squash. On top of their vegetable varieties, Ferrari Farms also cultivate fresh herbs like basil, cilantro, dill, fenugreek, mint, and parsley. .... Read More

Elmer, NJ

Umberto Bifulco, Jr. (Bert) worked on the family farm founded by his parents in 1929 after they moved from Naples, Italy, to Staten Island, N.Y. Bert later branched out, moved to New Jersey with his wife, and continued working in the farming industry: an honored tradition passed down for four generations. Bifulco Farms purvey fresh foods to the northeast U.S. regions and parts of Canada. They grow a great crop variety of fruits and vegetables, including cucumber, parsnip, parsley, eggplant, kale, tomato, swiss chard, melon, endive, peas, and yams. Being part of the Vineland Produce Auction allows them to keep their price competitive without sacrificing the quality of their produce. .... Read More
Cresci Farms 1


Established by Joann A. Cresci, the local Cresci Farms have been growing excellent greens and vegetables for more than two decades in the fertile agricultural area of Vineland, New Jersey. The farms place great value on the quality of their crops, sourcing carefully-grown produce such as cabbage, cooking greens, herbs, lettuce, leeks, scallions, squash, and tomatoes. .... Read More
Eastern Fresh Growers 1


The impressive story of Eastern Fresh Growers begins in 1683 when the four Sheppard brothers move to New Jersey and start a vegetable farm – now a lengthy family tradition. In 1888, the Sheppard family began cultivating at their current Cedarville location, where they owned a 108-acre farm with 40 tillable acres. Nowadays, the farm stretches out over 1,500 acres of nourishing land! Their quality crops include bell pepper, green squash, lettuce, sweet corn, tomato, and some 200 acres of various Organic Produce. From Eastern Fresh Growers, Riviera Produce sources fresh vegetables like asparagus, super cucumbers, peppers, or squashes. .... Read More


Established in 1875, Fralinger Farms is a 5th generation family business. The farm has been in the orchard business since 1964, when it started focusing on growing peaches and nectarines. Currently, they possess some 500 acres of delicious stone fruit! The superior quality of their products comes with great effort & good practice: the fruit is left to ripen on the tree. Thus, not one peach is harvested before its time! Also, the orchards are harvested six to seven times throughout the season: a much more labor-intensive practice, but it delivers stone fruit of beautiful color and exceptional taste. They supply in four states and many smaller chains and markets in the Philadelphia and New York metropolitan regions. .... Read More


201 Lewis Farms is an organic shiitake mushroom farm in New York State. These infamous mushrooms are native to East Asia, traditionally grown outdoors on seasoned hardwood logs. Their meaty texture and umami-packed earthly flavor make them a popular ingredient in specialty restaurants. 201 Lewis Farms grows high-quality shiitake mushroom and oyster mushrooms, supplying to New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. .... Read More
guansmushroom 1


Guan's Mushroom is a prominent grower and distributor of fresh specialty mushrooms established in 1996. They grow a broad range of delicious mushrooms focusing on innovation, sustainable farming, and delivering the highest quality and flavor. Shiitake varieties, oyster, enoki, maitake, crimini, white and brown beech, wood ear, portabella, white ear yiner…If you can name it, Guan's grows it! And no wonder: throughout its farms stretching along the Pacific Coastline, Guan's Mushroom has a growing area of 1.5 million sq. ft! The company owns three farms in California and five distribution centers located in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, West Grove, and Toronto. .... Read More


The history of Cassaday Farms began in 1870 when George Cassaday's great-great-grandfather began farming a modest patch of fertile land in N.J. It started as a small farm with chickens, eggs, and hay meant to sustain the family's needs. Nowadays, Cassaday Farms stretches over an impressive 1,500 acres! It grows non-GMO fruits and vegetables – pretty much everything the local N.J. climate allows: tomato, pepper, butternut squash, broccoli, zucchini, green cabbage, watermelon, eggplant, cauliflower, peas, beans, and more! Finally, George utilizes integrated pest management (IPM) to cut down on synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, certifying his farm in Good Agricultural Practices! .... Read More


Diamond Blueberry is a fruit producer and supplier based in Hammonton, New Jersey. Its delicious blueberries are Jersey Fresh Quality Graded – basically, as local & fresh as they can get! The company grows a wide variety of blueberries. In addition, it puts great effort into sustainable farming methods such as picking machines and new color-soft sorter machines to save on labor and help keep the berries' quality at its peak! .... Read More


The name’s not just about the fruit: Berried Treasures hides such a lovely story! Franca Tantillo fell in love with the land of Cooks Falls while she was working as a registered nurse. So, 28 years ago, she planted her first acre of strawberries just around her house. Nowadays, Franca owns a 40-acre farm where she grows a little bit of everything: livestock, honey, fruit, veggies, and even seasonal flowers. Franca’s lands are a sight to behold: dreamy lavender, wine-red strawberries, and myriad cherry tomatoes. On an average day, she’s in her truck by 4 a.m., ready to drive about 130 miles to the lively Union Square Greenmarket. Luckily, you can also get her fresh goodies by ordering online from Riviera! .... Read More


The fertile soil of Stokes Farms tells us of a story going back to 1873 when Isaiah Stokes left his home in England and headed out to America. Reaching New Jersey, he purchased 40 acres of land in Old Tappan, which he found perfect for farming. Initially, his products included chicken, eggs, milk, hay, asparagus, beets, and other veggies. Today, some 150 years later, the farm stretches across 17 acres and includes about 40,000 sq. ft. of greenhouses. Ron Jr. handles day-to-day operations together with his wife, Jeanine, combining high-tech, sustainable growth with enduring family values. In 2000, he won the title of Outstanding Young Farmer of the Year for the state of New Jersey. .... Read More


Ordille, Inc. is a third-generation produce brokerage company established way back into the 1920s. Backed up by more than a century of excellent service, the purveyor continues to deliver only the freshest produce from quality-regulated farms across the country. Ordille, Inc. abides by the FIFO ("first-in, first-out") standard and uses modern cooling methods to ensure peak freshness for all crops it ships and handles. As a result, the company is devoted to delivering farm-fresh fruits, veggies, and greens with year-round availability! .... Read More


Founded in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, The Sproutman has known its trade's true value since 1983. Sprouts are “living foods”: nutrient-dense, enzyme-rich, and incredibly digestible. As nature’s small green snacks, they contain high levels of many vital nutrients, such as magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin K. The Sproutman sells its natural wonders at local produce markets in PA, but you can now order them online from Riviera. Oh, you really have to try the sweet pea shoots! .... Read More


The history of Koppert Cress goes back to 1987. Specializing in unique cress varieties (living plants with extended shelf life and innumerable health benefits), the business cares for all the finer nuances of a quality ingredient: from flavor, fragrance, and texture to aspect and presentation. When Rob Baan took over the family company 10 years ago , he brought in a brand new vision founded on the gastronomic wisdom he has gathered during his fascinating travels! Thus, he joined his family knowledge of the seed industry with culinary insights hailing from all around the world. Every year, Koppert Cress adds at least one new item to its fascinating collection of micro-vegetables. .... Read More


Winner Circle is a family-owned and operated farm in Oakhurst, New Jersey, with an outstanding dedication to quality crops and fresh ingredients. From Winner Circle, Riviera sources seasonal produce like blueberries and peaches. Amazingly enough, the farm also ranks as the number one horse breeder in New Jersey. You can check more about their incredible assets at winnerscirclehorsefarm.com. .... Read More
farms riviera produce hudson valley fresh


Hudson Valley Fresh delivers premium quality dairy products from Hudson Valley farms. Some of their ten family-owned and operated herds have repeatedly made it to the top six in the entire United States. Their milk exceeds industry standards for overall quality, as well as protein, butterfat, vitamin, and Omega 3 content, all naturally present. You may also purchase whole milk from them: it’s non-standardized, with +4% butterfat, just as the cows produced it. They have the freshest, best-tasting milk you can buy in the region! .... Read More
farms riviera produce chefler foods


Chefler Foods are local manufacturers and packers of the freshest and best-tasting mayonnaises, salad dressings, mustards, vinegar, and vegetable oils for all segments of the food industry. They are located in Northern New Jersey – with a vertically integrated facility – which supports customers across the US and in the whole world! Riviera Produce now sources various high-quality oils manufactured by Chefler Foods. .... Read More
farms riviera produce red jacket orchards


More than 50 years ago, Red Jacket Orchards began cold-pressing juice by the traditional “rack and cloth” method, which comes closest to eating whole fruit! Cold-pressed, unfiltered Apple Cider has been a staple for Red Jacket Orchards ever since the inception of the farm in 1958. They have created a unique blend that delivers a rich and nostalgic apple flavor. To provide restaurants with easy access to this fresh, naturally delicious treat, Riviera Produce now sources Apple Cider from Red Jacket Orchards! .... Read More